Forte Brands is a carefully selected consortium of luxury manufacturers that conveys the pinnacle of European design to North America, creating an array of exquisite kitchen and bath products. As initial members and exclusive distributors in the region, we take immense pride in our partnership with Forte Brands and the unique, sought-after products we can provide to our North Texas community. Our ongoing endeavor to ‘always be ahead of the curve’ is fulfilled through our pursuit of discovering rare and stunning kitchen & bath products.


In the 1960s, while the global economy was flourishing, the youth of Italy was subtly carving out its place as a worldwide fountainhead of innate artistry and innovation. Amidst this creative surge, a young Marcello Gobbini planted the seeds of what would eventually evolve into the glass factory, now known as Artelinea. Anchored in Florence, Italy, Artelinea provides top-tier and personalized home goods, exclusively obtainable at premier U.S. showrooms, including those of Pierce Hardware in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Opting for Chambord's traditionally hand-finished sinks and taps means infusing your kitchen with the allure of Chambord's genuine French heritage and artistry. Each product, bearing names like "Henri II Le Grand," and "Philippe III"—inspired by notable historical figures— is crafted with opulent materials in a French Art Deco style. The result is a collection that mirrors the sophistication and time-honored customs of France, providing your kitchen with an emblem of excellence that speaks volumes of 'la vie française'.

Crosswater London

Crosswater London, renowned for over twenty years as Europe's top purveyor of luxury bathroom products, offers comprehensive bathroom solutions crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Their distinctive lines of brassware, fixtures, furniture, and bathroom accessories radiate a blend of European design aesthetic with a hint of British sophistication. Having fine-tuned its craft, perfected its designs, and bagged a few accolades in the process, Crosswater London now graces our locale with its high-caliber quality and enduring commitment to excellence.

Designer Doorware

In 1997, Joseph Di Benedetto envisioned reshaping the modern hardware industry in Australia, and together with a team committed to innovation, excellence, and creativity, Designer Doorware came into existence. Offering a diverse range of chic and sophisticated hardware options in materials like concrete, premium metals, marble, terrazzo, and wood, Designer Doorware has since become the go-to provider of architectural hardware, not just in Australia but globally. For design enthusiasts, builders, architects, and designers, Designer Doorware presents a wide array of decorative door hardware, appliance pulls, and cabinet hardware, ensuring the perfect pieces to convey personal taste or client preferences in any project.


In 2022, Landmade tubs were designed with a singular objective—to create a positive impact on mind, body, spirit, and the planet. In this journey, the brand introduced its hallmark material, Purestone™, crafted from the most pristine natural minerals amalgamated with environmentally friendly resin. Purestone™ is 30% lighter than conventional bathtub materials, significantly decreasing CO2 emissions during transportation and consequently earning the Landmade Green Guard Certification LEED. Despite its recent inception, Landmade has made waves in the eco-conscious design sector, with the brand's future radiating with potential. Constructed from exceptionally smooth and stain-resistant materials, we invite you to explore these bathing marvels at our showrooms.


MGS fixtures represent a deluxe amalgamation of cutting-edge Swiss engineering and the elegance and panache of Italian design. Since its inception in 1997, MGS has been transforming superior-grade stainless steel into streamlined, functional designs that have undoubtedly elevated industry standards with their architectural finesse and performance. MGS kitchen and bath collections can be found in some of the most prestigious homes worldwide and are showcased at Pierce Hardware showrooms.


For close to three decades, Oceania has been committed to enhancing its footprint in home spa settings. By consistently refining its Canadian-made products, Oceania remains a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the realm of bathroom wellness. As pioneers in sustainability, Oceania capitalizes on local materials, employs exceptionally clean manufacturing processes, and incorporates energy-conserving attributes into their products, such as their high-efficiency blower. If embracing sustainable practices is as vital to you as it is to us, it's time to uncover your next bathroom infatuation with Oceania.

Why Choose Pierce Hardware?

Simply put, Pierce caters to the design community–discovering, sourcing and providing premium home hardware from luxury brands that the discerning homeowner covets. Pierce also makes it part of its mission to support and protect the design community through these special brands that can’t be found outside of exclusive luxury showrooms.

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