Meet the Pierce Hardware Team

Fort Worth Showroom

Over 100 Years of Industry Experience at Your Service

4030 W Vickery Blvd, Ft Worth, TX 76107

Karen Visage

Showroom Manager

  • 16 Years at Pierce
  • 39.5 Years in the Industry

I appreciate how the industry continues to change and grow, it give us the opportunity to learn more and explore new and more innovative ways to better help out clients.

Paula Roberts


  • 4 Years at Pierce
  • 27 Years in the Industry

Our industry is a very small circle that I’m firmly in the center of.

Lenny Russo


  • 10 Years at Pierce
  • 17 Years in the Industry

The thing I appreciate most about the industry is having the knowledge to build custom hardware and plumbing for customers and meeting some wonderful and knowledgeable people that work in the industry.

Sam Furrow


  • 1 Year at Pierce
  • 6 Years in the Industry

I appreciate and enjoy our industry because it affords me the ability to learn new and exciting things about the plumbing and hardware world in addition to working with and helping homeowners, builders and designers.

Erin Bittner

Chief Operating Officer

This Industry is special because the people, their experience and relationships still mean something. I enjoy serving our customers and employees, and am honored to be involved in some of the most exceptional projects in Texas.

Dallas and Ft. Worth Pierce Family Photo

Dallas and Ft. Worth Pierce Family Photo
By the Numbers: The Ft. Worth Team
  • 47 Collective Years at Pierce Fine Decorative Hardware and Plumbing
  • 100.5 Years of Industry Experience

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